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Just favorited Adam Beyer b2b Ida Engberg - Live @ ENTER.Miami, Ice Palace (WMC 2014 Miami) - 28.03.2014 by on Mixcloud

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#FS2Y from Futuristik Soul on Vimeo.

Here it is! A short summary of the past 2 years we had together:
We are so thankful for the great energy you’ve brought us so far! Seeing all those smiles, head bangings and vibes that you spread at every happening - gave us enough strength to bring you more & more great night experiences.

On Friday 18th April, we will celebrate our 2 year anniversary. For this special occasion we put a solid line up that won’t disappoint you!
Here is the link:

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook:

See you on the dancefloor!

The FS team.

French Fries - Journey to kepler
Leon Vynehall - Step or stone
Bambounou - Night
Nas - You owe me (Sango Remix)
Romare - Your love

Selected, edited & mixed by Futuristik Soul Ensemble at JBG studio.

Just favorited DJ SNEAK | VINYLCAST | EPISODE 10 | APRIL 2014 by DJ Sneak on Mixcloud

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Jakarta, a new perspective from Fabian Krausz on Vimeo.

Video about the masterplan that aims to save Jakarta’s inhabitants from future floods.

This coastal defense program is developed by a consortium of industries in the Dutch Water Sector and presented by the Dutch Government. Partners in this consortium are: Witteveen+Bos, Grontmij, RoyalHaskoningDHV, Netherlands Water Partnership, KuiperCompagnons, Deltares, Ecorys, UNESCO-IHE.

My job was to create a video:
1. That explains the situation of Jakarta’s threads,
2. Shows the key elements of the master plan (NCICD); how the challenges can be turned into opportunities,
3. How this plan can strengthen the partnership between The Netherlands and Indonesia.

The video -together with a bidbook- was presented by Prime Minister Mark Rutte on the Dutch trade mission in Indonesia, fall 2013.

Minister Schultz will present the NCICD Master Plan in April 2014, on her visit to Jakarta.

Just favorited Radio Cast 11th April 2014 - DJ K & MC Marxman by Mustard.Amsterdam Radio on Mixcloud

Whoosah Residents 2014 from Whoosah Den Haag on Vimeo.

Whoosah Residents 2014:
Warren fellow:
Makcim & El-p:
Warme Daan:
Spencer Queen
Flowers Greenfield: